Who Can Wear Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj Stone?

Yellow Sapphire is basically used to bring good luck and it is related to the planet Jupiter. The yellow color is the resemblance of Jupiter only and hence those people who are looking to make their Guru (Jupiter) strong then yellow sapphire should be worn. It brings good health, prosperity, luck, wisdom, money, happiness, fame and name. The gemstone is also called Pukhraj in day to day language, and while adapting the Pukhraj stone one should always consult with expert astrologers so that they could guide you the proper procedure to wear Yellow Sapphire. As per the concept of Vedic Astrology, the gemstone should be adapted in a suitable time so that its effect could get maximized.

Suitable Time to wear Pukhraj:

Yellow Sapphire is friendly in nature and that is why anyone can have it. Men are recommended to wear in the right hand and ladies are free to have the same in any of the hands. As mentioned above, Yellow Sapphire is related to Jupiter hence it should be worn on Thursday and preferably in the morning time i.e 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

It is also said that if you seek to sort all marital problems, then Pukhraj gemstone is the solution for you. The Power of Pukhraj gem is such that the girl that you want will be yours forever and if a girl will wear this gem then she will get married early.

The Yellow Sapphire is the reflection of positive energy from Jupiter and it has been conceptualized by taking the references from Vedic Astrology which as a huge value in the Hindu tradition. We always follow our mythological aspects and it is one of them. Hence if you are struggling with name, fame, money or anything else then try Pukhraj stone once by taking proper guidance from the experts who are having years of experience. They know the true worth and merely by reading do not go with the things. Also, our experts are available to assist you, hence if in case any query comes in regards to Yellow Sapphire then do not think twice, just get in touch and get the proper solution.

It is one of its kinds of stone which suits everyone; hence everyone should try this stone once in their lifetime after seeking the advice of an astrologer. However, to get all these benefits in life, one should be aware of how to wear yellow sapphire or Pukhraj stone correctly.

Generally, out of unawareness people don’t actually know that what the right approach of wearing pukhraj gemstone is. Yellow sapphire is stated to be the most crucial and benevolent gemstone by the virtue of its auspicious association with coercive planet Jupiter.

Jupiter acts as the teacher among all the planets and it carries attributes like wealth, sound health, prosperity, wisdom for its wearer. It is acknowledged to be the most auspicious planet.

Yellow sapphire governs the planet who is lord of two signs namely Sagittarius and Pisces of the zodiac. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and emits yellow color.

The professionals who wear Yellow Sapphire majorly are from the

  • Education Sector

  • Health Sector

  • Law Sector

  • Business Sector

Jupiter is considered a beneficent planet, which bestows wealth, prosperity, wisdom, respect, marital bliss, good children and good health on the native.

An individual who wants to appease this planet can do so by wearing yellow sapphire pukhraj gemstone, as it signifies Jupiter and helps the wearer to derive the positive energies of this planet.

One thing which needs to be taken care of is that one should consult an expert astrologer before wearing it, to check out whether this gemstone is compatible with his horoscope or not.An incompatibility may lead to problems rather than benefits. Hence always consult with expert astrologers and make your life easy.