Who Can Wear Red Coral Gemstone?

Red Coral Gemstone is one of precious stones and was founded under the sea level approximately at the depth of 500 feet. As per the Indian Astrology the gemstone has huge worth which is being considered and respected not in India but also across the whole globe. This is a water generated product while other gemstones are the products of mines.

Red Coral Gemstone represents the positive powers of the planet Mars according to Vedic astrology/ Indian Astrology and Navagraha gemology is Red Coral. The other name which reference are Mangal, Kuja, Angaraka, Bhoomi Putra and Chevvai and all these are the reflection of courage, initiative, vitality, vigour, aggression and controls the blood system of the body.

Mars have complete control over the human beings and here we will discuss the impact of Mars and Red Coral Gemstone by following the concept of Vedic astrology. Below we will mention the effect of Gemstone based on the zodiac sign, so check it out if you should wear the same or not.

Who should adapt Red Coral Gemstone?

Red coral is advantageous for the entire zodiac and hence anyone can have it. Also we would like to remind that you should always consult with an expert astrologer before taking the stone. Now here we will discuss about the effects of Red Coral Gemstone at various zodiac sign

Effect of Red Coral for Aries

Those who belong to Aries are highly recommended for Red Coral stone because both are related with Mars planet. Hence the person of this zodiac sign can wear the gemstone for the whole life.

Effect of Red Coral for Taurus

For Taurus, red coral gemstone is not beneficial that is why it is recommended for them. It creates harmful problems hence the person who is from Taurus zodiac should avoid wearing red coral gemstone.

Effect of Red Coral for Gemini

Again, for Gemini people, the mentioned gemstone are not advantageous because Mars is not friendly with Gemini hence you should completely avoid using the Red Coral Gemstone. However, you are only recommended to wear it when your Mars is posited in 6th in Scorpio and 11th in Aries.

Effect of Red Coral for Cancer

Red Coral Gemstone is highly recommended for people having Cancer Zodiac Sign. The planet Mars is a highly beneficial planet for Cancer ascendant as Mars owns both 5th and 10th house. People having problem of child can get rid of by using the red coral gem

Effect of Red Coral for Leo

Red coral gemstone is extremely beneficial for this zodiac sign because Mars is the lord of 4th and 8th house which creates a unique combination. As of result of this the person gets happiness in his/her life

Effect of Red Coral for Virgo

Red Coral is enemy of Virgo hence we never recommend them to wear red coral stone. The planet Mars is the lord of 3rd house and 8th house respectively. Therefore, the planet Mars is considered to be extremely malefic to you. That is why; you should avoid using it.

Effect of Red Coral for Libra

Librans should avoid wearing Red Coral Gemstone because it brings bad luck for them. The Mars is the lord of 2nd of 7th house & us malefic for Libra hence it not advisable for them to wear Red Coral gemstone. If the planet Mars is posited in its own sign in Scorpio and Aries and also posited in its exalted house in Capricorn and the major period of Mars goes, the person would be able to wear the stone.

Effect of Red Coral for Scorpio

Scorpions are the water bodies and gemstone is the product of water. It is beneficial for this zodiac sign and one can wear the same throughout their life.

Effect of Red Coral for Sagittarius

Red Coral Gemstone is recommended for this zodiac sign because Mars is the lord of 5th house and 12th house in your natal chart respectively. This gem can be quite helpful in improving your memory. The childless couple can be blessed with child if worn with faith.

Effect of Red Coral for Aquarius

Those who comes under this category should avoid using red coral gemstone. The planet Mars is the lord of 3rd house and 10th house respectively. Hence, it is not an auspicious stone for you.

Effect of Red Coral for Capricorn

The planet Mars is the lord of the 4th house and 11th house for the native. That is why; it is not a beneficial planet for you. Hence, it is better if you avoid this gem.

Effect of Red Coral for Pisces

Pisces zodiac sign is friendly with Red Coral Gemstone and is highly beneficial for the people who are having this zodiac sign. Hence one can have the same and bring their lucky time.