When Blue Sapphire Is Harmful?

Blue Sapphire is related to Saturn Planet hence it has lots of controversies. Sometimes people get misguided by some cheaters and they lose even their lives. Here we will share about genuine facts of Blue Sapphire (Neelam) along with positive and negative impacts.

Saturn acts as our parents which means it appreciates people for good cause and also punishes for bad ones. We all call it Karma. On the same concept we have to understand the worth of Blue Sapphire and prior to wearing the gemstone always consult with experts so a proper process of adaptation could be followed. Amongst all Navaratna Gemstones, the maximum myths are for the Blue Sapphire-The Gem of Saturn. This is the Gemstone that makes a pauper to a prince and vice versa. Surely a fast-acting Gemstone as it belongs to Planet Saturn and Saturn is very powerful in the present Yuga-Kaliyuga. However many myths need to be corrected for this Gemstone.

Blue Sapphire Side Effects

In general, if the recommendation of the Gemstone is good and after a thorough analysis of the chart and the Gemstone is a Jyotish Gemstone there are no side effects at all. Side effects or poor results are the features of poor quality stones with flaws. Hence you should always protect yourself from the cheaters available in the market.

Flaws in Blue Sapphire and Side effects

There are 16 major flaws listed in the sacred texts for a Blue Sapphire. These flaws are added after facing in practical life. “Dudhiya” is one of the flaws which and is caused due to spiral inclusion with the gemstone which makes its appearance “Milky” and hence it is known as “Dudhiya”. This flaw causes side effects like loss of reputation, falls from a high position and problems to one’s children. Similarly, other flaws in Blue Sapphire give side effects like fever, loss in business, creation of debts, loss in relationships, etc.

Harmful effects due to the mentioned flaws are like

Health Issues:

If a person is suffering from the flaws of Blue Sapphire then various health issues may get arise like fever, illness, pain, anxiety, etc.

Business Loses:

The negative impact of blue sapphire spoils the business and people start losing everything. Hence we always recommend taking any step only after making a consultation with learned astrologers

Financial Crisis and Debts:

The infected person comes under unexpected debt due to the financial crisis and may lose everything including house, vehicle, etc.

Relationship Problem:

The harmful effect also disturbs the personal life of an individual where they become unable to maintain their love life happily. Unwanted fighting finishes the relationship

Family Problem:

The bad effect of Blue Sapphire effects and spoils family relationships as well. If you are suffering from any of the flaws then it may increase the family problems and things get broken.

Negative Vibration:

The negative power of Blue Sapphire created a bad environment and the person always live in pressure and tension. It increases the level of anxiety and other related people also become a victim.

Neelam ‘Blue Sapphire’ can do good and bad both. Always pay attention while the gemstone is being designed for you. Its structure is also a deciding factor hence one should be proactive. Protect yourself from the myths and proactive to get genuine gemstone only.

If in case you need any kind of help or assistance to know more about the harmful effects of blue Sapphire then contact our team and we will be more than happy to help you. Stay in touch and you are free to share your feedback in the below-mentioned columns.