What is Brahma Dosh In Astrology?

Brahma dosh that is Brahma Hatya which is considered as one the serious sin and the effected person has to face some bad consequences in his/her life. It has been said since the ancient period of time that those who kills Brahman are affected by the Brahma dosh. The person cannot remove the sin by expiation and they have to get in trouble for sure.

Effects of Brahma Dosha

The causes or effects of this dosha are very serious and person may get affected due to chronic diseases, mental illness, fear, unwanted stress etc. If we discuss for professional terms then the whole career will have risk, position loss in corporate, no promotions, always failure etc. All these kind of issues build stress in between the family members and it may lead to the separations.

How can you check the presence of Brahma dosha in your birth chart?

There are some structures which create the condition of Brahma dosha in the birth and here we are mentioning those possibilities so that one could be aware about the same. The condition of Brahma dosha gets raised:

  • When Jupiter and Saturn comes in conjunction

  • When conjunction is formed in the series of Jupiter-Mars-Saturn

  • When the house number 9 and 5 gets afflicted

  • At the time foundation of Kruthi Yoga.

Remedies for Brahma Dosha

In order to get rid of Brahma dosha one should perform some rituals which cause the happiness and removes all the negativity from the life. You should do

  • Pooja and Archana at home

  • Organize the events of light and sounds

  • Perform home by following standard ritual for peace

  • Feed cows which will bring good luck for you

So guys these are some important inputs for Brahma dosha hence you should always be active and have open discussion with astrologers if you are facing any trouble. Feel free to get in touch with us as well. We wish you a great success and happy future.