What Things Should Keep In Mind While Matchmaking?

Match making is one of the needed practice because it is another beginning of one’s life. The root of new family gets started. In order to avoid all the future hurdles we always do match-making before confirming our life partner. Through match making process, astrologers check the compatibility in between the partners so that their life after marriage could be happy.

While match-making lots of points get compared and it clearly indicates the future of the new couple. Here we are mentioning few points which should always be in mind while match making. It has huge value and hence you should never ignore the match-making process because sometimes we need to apply remedy in order to cancel the doshas if it affects the married life. So while match making always compare:

Manglik Dosha:

The very first thing which you should check the existence of Manglik Dosha. If only one partner is Manglik then marriage should get canceled because it may lead to the death of another partner. If low level of dosha is found then apply proper ritual as a remedy in order to remove the effect under the supervision of expert astrologer and make your life safe.

Nadi Dohsa:

Nadi dosha is related to the child. Whether the couple will be able to give birth to a child or not? The answer can be analyzed from Nadi dosha. Same Nadi people should not get married because it creates a condition where probability of having a kid is low. Hence you should always consult with expert astrologer prior to get married.

Proper analysis of Birth Chart:

The match-making should be done with original kindali only. Never make assumptions otherwise wrong conclusions will be made by the astrologer and it may possible that your life will become hell. Share true date and time so that an exact analysis of all the Nakshtras, Zodiac Signs, etc could be done.

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