What Things Are Required For Birth Chart?

Whenever a human being takes birth, families always plan for his/her birth chart. It is a practice that gets followed by 90% of the Hindu family. As per Hindu mythology, Astrology is having huge worth which has the power to stabilize one’s life. This is the reason because of which people regularly consult with astrologers along with their birth chart in order to know the conditions of various planets and stars which may affect their ‘Rashi’ etc. Good and bad both effects can be analyzed and based on remedy are done.

There are various things that are mandatory in order to prepare the birth chart. The data could be accurate and only then a true result will get analyzed. Now here we will discuss some details which must be needed for the creation of a birth chart.

Things needed for creation of Birth Chart

Exact Date of Birth

To create the exact birth chart the person must have the exact time of birth along with the date in the format of DAY/DATE/YEAR. The accurate date of birth reflects the true picture of one’s future. Hence parents always note down the exact date of birth at the same very moment when a newborn baby comes in the world. The position of stars and planets are changing with every second hence one should always be pro-active in order to capture the date of birth

Exact Time of Birth:

Similar to date of birth, time of birth is equally important. As mentioned earlier, ‘Nakshtras’ are continuously changing with the change of time hence in order to predict the exact nature and future you must have exact time of birth in the format of HH/MM/SS and one thing more, you should always keep in mind the format of AM/PM because sometimes people get confused with this and wrong analysis leads their life in the wrong direction. Never skip exact timings because Moon sign is directly connected with the time of birth. Hence make an accurate note of it.

Exact Birth Location

Along with Time and Date, your location of birth should always be accurate. If in case the birth location is not listed at Google then choose the nearby location. Sometimes rural areas are not available hence one can complete it by choosing the closer location. Latitude and Longitude get calculated while entering the location.

Other details which are needed in order to prepare the birth chart are the exact name and gender. If you are preparing the birth chart by using any astrology software then enter the exact name, date of birth, time of birth and location of birth. After entering these data, you may also get 2 options on the screen which will ask about the type of chart and these two options are like:

1. North Chart

2. South Chart

After choosing the proper one, the exact birth chart gets displayed over the screen. The generated birth chart will show all the details in regards to various aspects like marriage, career, child, study, travel and love life, etc. If dosha exists in the Kundali then it will also get reflected and astrologer will share or recommend some remedy in order to reduce the effect of that dosha.

So, guys, these are details that are needed for the generation of the exact birth chart. Never compromise with date and time of birth because these are the main pillars. Please let us know if in case any query comes, we are always happy to assist you. Stay in connection in order to know the other things about astrology.