What Is Yantra?

Yantra is a photographic or designed representation based on Indian religions for worship. The diagram used during mediation so that a complete focus could be made and it is also like a ‘mandala’ which is spiritual sign of the universe. If we relate it with Sanskrit which is called as Mother of all languages, then Yantra means ‘instrument’ and is derived from the word ‘yam’ which means sustenance of the existence or worth of an element.

In general meaning, Yantra is limited to the instruments only and if we go into depth then its reliability could be drawn with astrology. Hence if you are looking to know more about Yantra and its worth in astrology then read the content which has been written after experiencing the astrological world from past 2-3 decades.

Worth and design of Yantra

From the ancient time, yantra is used to balance the human mind and body through its internal mode and methodologies same as mantras do. Their presentation and visualization is geometric and having floral design base. The shapes which are being reflected in the design are considered as one of the most powerful effects which holds the mind and this is the reason for which people follow it during the practice of yoga or mediation. Sometimes it has been seen that yantras are associated with some particular deity and might get worn as a talisman. The various shapes which represent yantras are triangles, circles, squares, lotus type design etc and each structure has its own significance. For example lotus symbol symbolizes for energy and a dot i.e. bindu reflects the meaning of creation and infinite cosmos.

Hence above mentioned are the brief about Yantra and hence if you are looking to know more about the same then you are free to consult with our experts and they will guide you in a best possible manner.