What Are The Effects Of Sade Sati?

If you are willing to know about the effects of Sade Sati then this will be the right platform to gather the information. Saturn is the planet which rules as per the deeds of the individuals and also has the power to make you capable to reach your goals. The period of Sade Sati lies in between 2.5 years to 30 years. In 30 years it completes one cycle and during the time people get either a positive or negative impact based on karma.

As our parents scold for mistakes and appreciate for good deeds in the same way Saturn behaves. People get punishment for wrong activities and get the best results for good deeds. The role of Saturn can either be as ‘significant or’ or ‘full of sufferings’ based on the karma. This is the reason because of which we always recommend taking guidance from learned astrologers so a path of positivity could be shown. Here we will present the positive and negative aspects of ‘sade sati’ so that a conclusive decision about the effects of it.

Reason for Sade Sati

Let’s begin with the sufferings which may occur due to the existence of Sade Sati: As discussed above Saturn is the lord of karma and has the power to make the journey of your life like a roller-coaster. We have taken birth with the body which means there is something left for which we have to pay. To realize the mistakes and get the proper punishment we are in the zone of living beings and those who are pure souls are now in the zone of salvation. (Moksha). Saints always do tapasya and the only reason for such activity is Moksha.

The planet keeps revolving from one house to another and the state of Sade Sati transits at below-mentioned situations:

  • 12th House/Sign from the Moon

  • The Moon Sign itself

  • 2nd House/Sign from Moon.

Affect of Sade Sati at various phases:

Here one can get the details of the effects which get arise during the period of Sade Sati. Possible remedies are there which will discuss later on. But here get to know about the effects.

12th House/Sign from the Moon:

Under this scenario, people pass through family disputes and the tenure of Sade Sati will be for 2.5 years. Also, it may lead to the separation of couples having lots of family pressure.

Saturn transiting the Moon Sign:

The very cursing phase of one’s life because Saturn afflicts moon very badly and critical health issues start occurring. Also, the image of the victim may get spoiled publically and there is a chance of losing wealth and properties. Overall in this phase person may lose everything that is health, wealth and happiness.

Saturn transiting the 2nd House from Moon:

The house deals with the financial status and professional life. The presence of Saturn will reduce the revenue of your business or financial growth which brings lots of instability and anxiety in one’s life.

The Moon Sign:

Here the action will be on the health. As soon as the period of Sade Sati gets started, the health of the victim will start getting compromised. Also, lots of mental health will start taking place.

Remedies to reduce the affect of Sade Sati:

In the present scenario, lots of competition are there and if you are also a victim of Sade Sati then it may lead towards the losses hence here are some experimented remedies which will not only reduce the negative impact of Sade Sati but also lead you to the positivity. You should perform the chanting with heart and in routine. In order to reduce the effects of Sade Sati one should chant for

  • Shri Krishna

  • Kali

  • Hanuman

So, guys, these are the remedies that will keep you out of all the stresses and frustration. In order to know more, get in touch with our experts and we will guide you in the best possible manner. Stay tuned and know your life more precisely.