Vedic Astrological Remedies For Infertility Problems

Having a kid in the family makes the atmosphere positive and energetic. You are having your own soul in the hands and the whole life gets changed but lots of couples are there who are unable to feel the happiness of motherhood or fatherhood. Hence here we are discussing about infertility problems.

One of the major problems which occur in married life is inability to produce child and this problem creates lots of issues and frustrations in one’s life. Hence if you are struggling with the problem of infertility then here we are suggesting some important Vedic Astrological Remedies which remove the infertility problem.

Since ancient time astrology has proven itself and lots of people has their own kid by following some preferred remedy in a proper decorum. The major cause due to which such problem occurs is Nadi Dosh. Same Nadi does not allow fertility and hence we always recommend for proper match-making process prior to heading for marriage.

Reasons for infertility:

As per the concept of astrology the powerful position of Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Venue creates a condition of healthy child along with lots of good luck. The problem of infertility occurs because of the below mentioned problems:

  • Weak Jupiter

  • Weak Sun

  • Weak Moon

  • Week Mercury

  • Pitti Dosha

  • Presence of Rahu in 2nd and 5th House

Remedies to remove the problem of infertility:

  • Keep Mars Happy through proper worship.

  • Men should eat Okra without seeds

  • Always use Aawla juice in the meal because it reduces the problems related to pitta

  • Always do chanting of Gopal Strotra by putting the statue of Laddoo Gopal in front.

  • One should wear ‘bicchu ghaas’ in the black thread in neck, because it reduces the dosha of being childless.

  • Never get hyper and control the level of anger

Always take guidance of astrologer before performing any remedy. Keep yourself healthy and feel free to ask any query in regards to the problem. We will provide all possible solutions.