Significance Of Nakshatra in Astrology

Nakshatra plays a very important role and has huge significance in the world of astrology. Nothing will get defined without knowing the exact Nakshatra. Nakshatra is the responsible factor for the nature and future of the living beings and astrologers do predict future but only after knowing about the exact Nakshatra. Hence from here you can take an idea about the significance of Nakshatra.

Types of Nakshatra and Worth of Padas

  • There are 27 Nakshatra in which we all are divided and it is measured at 13 degrees and 20 minutes.

  • Further the Nakshtras are divided into 4 sections which are called as padas and is measured at 3 degrees and 20 minutes.

  • We can say that 4 padas exist in one Nakshatra and that is why there are 12 padas in 3 Nakshatra. This is the reason Pada system is used during the birth chart analysis with zodiac sign.


1. Ashwini 0-13.20 Aries padalord
0-3.20 Aries pada of Aries Mars
3.20-6.40 Aries pada of Taurus Venus
6.40-10 Aries pada of Gemini Mercury
10-13.20 Aries pada of Cancer Moon
2. Bharani 13.20-26.40 Aries
13.20-16.40 Aries pada of Leo Sun
16.40-20.00 Aries pada of Virgo Mercury
20.00-23.20 Aries pada of Libra Venus
23.20-26.40 Aries pada of Scorpio Mars
3. Krittika 26.40-10 Taurus
26.40 Aries-0 Taurus pada of Sagittarius Jupiter
0-3.20 Taurus pada of Capricorn Saturn
3.20 -6.40 Taurus pada of Aquarius Saturn
6.40-10 Taurus pada of Pisces Jupiter
4. Rohini 10-23.20 Taurus
10-23.20 Taurus pada of Aries Mars
13.20-16.40 Taurus pada of Taurus Venus
13.20-16.40 Taurus pada of Gemini Mercury
20-23.20 Taurus pada of Cancer Moon
5. Mrigashirsha 23.20 Taurus -6.40 Gemini
23.20-26.40 Taurus pada of Leo Sun
26.40 Taurus- 0 Gemini pada of Virgo Mercury
0-3.20 Gemini pada of Libra Venus
3.20-6.40 Gemini pada of Scorpio Mars

Hence if you are having any issue in the life or looking to know more about your Nakshatra then show your kundali or birth-chart to any expert astrologer and they will share the complete scenario. Our team is also there to help you so feel free to share your feedback and we will do proper reply. Keep in touch.