Significance Of Moon In Astrology

If we say as per the learning from Science then Moon is a satellite which revolves around our earth. As per the concept of astrology, the thing which can affect human’s life and its nature should get considered as planet and that is the reason for which moon is called as planet. It plays an important role in the fame and fortune of an individual. It is believed that Moon is having the existence in universe since last 4.5 million years. The popular explanation says that the moon has taken its birth out of the debris due to the impact of the planet Mars and earth.

As per Hindu mythology, Moon is having great significance and is a disciple of Jupiter. Chandra lagna is one of the most important elements, which has been always mentioned in the birth chart of an individual. By taking proper consultation and reference, astrologers predict the future of the individual. Sun and Moon is the most powerful planet of the birth chart and their position contributes a lot for the fortune and fame of the individual. Sun is having its house in Leo while Moon is signed in Cancer zodiac and hence they are respectively friendly to these zodiac signs.

Debilitation of Moon

In Scorpio Moon planet get debilitated which is a contrary nature while being in Taurus. Debilitated moon in the birth chart of an individual is a bad symbol and person may get to face various challenges in his/her life. The problems which get raised due to weak moon are like depression, mental disorder, madness, migraine, headache, inability of decision making etc. Hence if you are passing through these kinds of phases then discuss the details with experts and take their advice which can help you for getting a better life. Never take decision from your own. Our experts are available for consultation and write or call us and get the fruitful solutions. Also you can contact us know more about the importance of Moon and how it plays an important role in your natal or birth chart. Keep in loop and browse regularly to know more aspects of astrology.