Know Angarak Yoga Effects and Remedies

Do you know Angarak Yoga or looking to gather some information in regards to the same? This is the right place where we are conveying our inputs for Angarak Yoga along with its effects and remedies. Hence if you are in problem due to this yoga then read out the article and increase the level of your knowledge.

Let’s us about the Angarak dosha

The formation of Angarak dosha occurs when Mars and Rahu conjunct in any house as per the birth chart. Due to this kind of dosha, the person gets harmful things and faces lots of troubles and tensions. Perhaps you know, that Mars and Rahu both are malefic and their adjoining creates a bad phase and that is why the native gets troubles.

The Angarak dosha creates positive and negative effects both:


  • If both the planets are benefic then the native will be inclined towards politics and get success as well

  • Even suffering from Angarak dosha if the person does hard work then his/her success will be sure forever

  • The Angarak dosha creates an opportunity of business leadings and partnership

  • If the Lagna Lord and Bhagya paksha are benefic then the individual will have a wealthy life


  • When both the planets (Rahu and Mars) are malefic then the native will not be in peace after joining politics.

  • The malefic nature also creates the issues of

    • Property related matter

    • Aggressiveness which leads the family separation condition

    • Laziness and Selfishness

  • The person becomes unhealthy and struggles a lot


  • The person should worship of Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman by offering sindoor

  • The native should eat honey 3 times on a day by maintaining the routine for the same

  • The person must do worship of Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati and Lord Shiva all together. You should never worship Goddess Lakshmi alone

  • The senior most person of the family should clean the area by broom.