Importance Of Pujas In Astrology

Astrology is an all-encompassing diplomatic postmortem art practiced by exceptionally shrewd brainy chaps known for their more observational power and analytical lateral thinking than faithful to the basic tenants of the system itself. The basic hypothesis that the revolutions of planets are restricted to 7 or 9 or 12 or even 18, in the unthinkable galaxy of stars effects the nature and future of an individual.

Puja is one of the superstitious activities which can never be questioned. It is the most pious activity which gives you exposure and ability to live in the world. Pooja is having a huge value and consideration from the ancient period of time where saints, kings etc do worships of lords in order to live a happy and peaceful life. As per the Hindu mythology we do worship of Gods and Goddesses at all the occasions and events. For example, the worship of Lord Ganesha is done prior to start any new beginning or startup. This all is done to have a good future and bring positive vibrations. The chanting of mantras makes the environment fresh and positive. Once you do, you will have a self realization

No wonder, the pooja done for say to Brahaspathi to ward of Putra dosha in a chart does not evoke any meaning for an African or Eskimo, though Brahaspathi is Brahaspathi to all- from the pious Hindu Brahmin, the atheist, the political rationalist, down to the sacred cow and the burnt alive lovely poor street puppies by psychos of Hyderabad.

The significance or importance of pooja cant be expressed in words because it is a feeling and one should do it as per the willingness. Pooja is limited to follow the rituals etc but you should also do something for the welfare of poor and orphan people. This also counts in pooja/wprship

So be pragmatic! Do not look for logic or reasoning in pooja to mitigate any dosha in your chart. See if it works or not! If it works, go ahead. You have nothing to lose save a few bugs!