How To Maintain Gemstones?

Gemstones are considered as one of the most important thing in astrology because it removes all the negativity and motivates an individual towards a progressive future. In our decades of experience we have seen many cases where people has done a journey from hell to heaven just by having suitable gemstone and on the contrary to it, there are some cases in which the person got opposite result. It has happened due to ignorance and compromised nature with the quality of gemstone. Wrongly created gemstones create problems and your life would become more dangerous hence always maintain your gemstone in a proper way and pay attention at the time of its designing.

Some gemstones are durable by its nature like Ruby, hessonite, Cat’s eye, Emerald and Sapphires. All these elements have long life whereas Pearl and Red Coral are less durable means less lifetime as compare to the former. That is why later needs more maintenance and attention in order to get the better results. They need to get change regularly so that the positive vibes could be maintained and person should be at the progressive route only.

Issues with gemstones and its rectification:

Gemstone reacts with the natural air and water which creates layers of pollutants. It is a general phenomenon and you must be aware about the same. Sometimes oily and greasy layer gets formed. Hence you should take precautionary actions to maintain the gemstone from unwanted reactions. If you ignore the problem then the layers become thick and hard to remove hence it is better to take the action before.

In order to remove the deposits one should use brushes and clean the surface of gemstone so that it could spread the positive vibrations. It makes the environment happy and you will feel inner peace. So always take care of the gemstone and if needed replace the same by new one having exact combination so that it could affect the life. If in case you need any consultation then please feel free to consult because it creates problem in your life.