How To Know Your Sun Is Debilitated Or Not?

The planet Sun is one of the powerful elements, which signifies power, position and authority kind of behavior. It the head of the complete solar system and our life is very well connected with it. Here we will discuss about Sun and how to know your Sun is Debilitated or not.

All the living beings living on the planet are having breathes because of Sun and they truly depend on the power of planet and its effect is tangible to everyone. The movement of Sun from one Nakshtra to another effects the life of all individuals and it also effects the seasonal transformation.

Whether Sun is a planet or not?

If we think from the aspect of Science then Sun is not being recognized as planet. On contrary the planet which affects the life of an individual is known as Planet as per the concept of Astrology. Rahu and Ketu is called as planet as per the concept of astronomy. Sun is one of the nine elements which give immense power, position and authority to the individuals.

How To Know Your Sun Is Debilitated Or Not?

The native might not reap good result out of the Sun due to its debilitation in the birth chart. The condition of Sun is called as debilitated in Libra Rashi just opposite to its exaltation in Aries. This creates a condition when Sun is weak and person faces the issues in career and professional life.

It is particularly harmful for the people who are in the field of administration and management. The debilitation of Sun creates hurdles for the people who are in the politics sector and medical science. The health condition gets poor and the native feels skin related issues.

Further, Sun creates Neechabhang Rajayoga which deals with the power and reputation of an individual. There are several Bollywood celebrities who are having issues of debilitated Sun and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of such celebrity. Even our former president Dr. Kalam was having the debilitated Sun. Hence one should always analyze the horoscope and take proper consultation with experts. Remedies remove or reduce the effect and person gets an ability to become successful and prosperous.