How To Identify Quality And Weight Of Gemstones

The very important thing which is should always be following prior to having any gemstone is its right weight and pure quality. Just enquire: What Weight you should wear? Gemstones are known for their vast energy and hence this needs to channelize in proper way so that it could bring good time without any harmful effect.

After finding out which Gemstone to wear, the bigger question is what weight (or as commonly said ‘size’) of Gemstone should be worn for best benefit?

Methods to suggest weight of gemstone

Nowhere in our scriptures is it mentioned about how to determine which weight you should wear. All astrologers have their own way of suggestion for the gemstones. It happens because differences in the concept of various kind of concept like astrology or numerology etc. Hence always try to get the gemstone created through any one mode, never mix the two concepts because it may lead to the failure and harmful affects

Preferred size of gemstone

Here we are mentioning some preferred sizes of the gemstones because the energy of the stones should be absorbed in an accurate way. Sometimes immense energy gets generated and things move into wrong direction. Hence you should be pro active while creation of the gemstone. Transparency, Clarity, Luster and Color are the integral part of any gemstone. These are what through which energy get generated.

Below mentioned are the preferred sizes for some gemstones so that you could follow the same. Also never take any decision from your own. It is a matter related to the life so always do proper consultation with experts so that they could guide you in a best way. Preferred Sizes are as mentioned below:

  • Manik also called as Ruby : 5 Ratti – 8.50 Ratti

  • Pearl : 6 Ratti – 10 Ratti

  • Moonga which called as Coral : 7.00 Ratti – 9 Ratti

  • Emerald (Panna) : 4:50 Ratti – 6:50 Ratti

  • Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) : 5 Ratti – 7.50 Ratti

  • Opal : 6 Ratti – 9 Ratti

  • White Sapphire :The next important gemstone should be 5:00 Ratti-9.00 Ratti

  • Blue Sapphire (Neelam) : 5 Ratti – 7:50 Ratti