Elements of Navgraha

There is huge belief amongst people when it comes to the topic of astrology. Here we will discuss about the concept of elements related to Navgraha. The emotions are completed related with these elements which we shall discuss below. There are 9 planets which are being known as elements of Navgrah and it is decided by measuring the exact date and time of birth of an individual. Hence if you are looking to about your elements of Navgraha then read out the mentioned content and capture the idea.

Sequencing of Elements of Navgraha

The two major elements of the Navgraha are Sun and Moon which has been given a very special place because their positions truly decide the future and nature of an individual. The sequence of the nine elements after Sun and Moon are as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn because they are also having a huge worth in your life. After that Venus and Mercury comes which revolve in earth’s orbit and considered as close to Sun. Rahu and Ketu is comparatively low importance if we compare all the elements hence they are also called as secondary planets.

The nine elements of Navgrah and their significance:


Sun is symbolized by the seven horses which reflect the seven colors and seven days of the week. In normal language we also call it as ‘Ravi’. All other planets exist around the Sun but the faces are always in different direction.


The element is also known as Chandra and it is symbolized by upper body with two hands holding lots and riding by a chariot managing 1 horses. People call is Soma as well.


The very important planet of the Navgrah because it controls the life upto the maximum possible extent hence the people whose mars condition is good they get unexpected success in their life. It is represented by Ferocious God holding 2 weapons and 12 Mudras.


In day to day language we know it with the name of ‘Budha’. It is represented by four hands and rides on a Lion or chariot. It also connects the human emotions hence if you are having any problem related to the planet then immediately get in touch with any expert astrologer so that they could provide you quick and effective solution.


In normal language we know it by the name of Brihaspathi where it is considered as a teacher of Gods. Its worth is also mentioned in Rid Veda. It is represented by sitting on a chariot and pulled by 8 horses and each horse reflects any type of study.


Venus is considered as the teacher of Demons where he is shown as holding on a chariot pulled by 8 horses


We call it as Shani Grah and are considered as one of the most powerful planet because it works on Karma hence people should always do good deeds and maintain the legacy. The grah is represented by four hands riding a chariot or a buffalo. Javelin and arrows are being shown in the three hands and one has the Mudra


Rahu is shown like mercury and it differs in the color of Lion. It is reflected by riding over the black lion and all the same weapons are carried by Rahu as Mercury.


Ketu is represented in the image riding a vulture by having a mace. It has serpent in his body and that is why it is also called as Comet.

The Navagraha are generally given the three qualities as follows:

Sattva Sun, Moon and Jupiter
Rajas Mercury and Venus
Tamas Mars and Saturn (also Rahu and Ketu)

The traditional association of elements and navagraha in Vedic Astrology are as follows:

Space Jupiter
Air Saturn and Rahu
Fire Sun, Mars and Ketu
Water Moon and Venus
Earth Mercury