Connection Between Planets And Diseases

Planets play an important role in our life and even each planet is connected with some type of disease. Hence if you are continuously struggling with some kind of disease continuously then you should consult to any expert astrologer and they will figure out the reason. This article is related with interconnection between planets and diseases so that people could know about the actual reason for any disease. Here we are mentioning the effect 9 planets over the various parts of the body and related diseases. So lets get started with planets:


One of the most powerful element of the Navgraha and if the power of Sun is low as per the birth chart then the person will have low level of confidence and have weak digestive system. A person also feels the problems related to heart, eyes and high temperature.


If any person is having weak moon then he or she will have the unwanted tensions and depression problems. People of this zone are weak learner.


The problem of low blood pressure, body energy and fear from fire is related to Mars. Hence the people having weak mars will face diseases of mentioned zone.


Those who has weak mercury will have problems related with nervous system, skin issues and loss of hair.


Weak Jupitor will lead you towards the diseases of fats over body, less emotions and have not ability to care others


Venus if your venus is weak then you suffer from problem like, marriage, weak eybrow, problem of extra expenditure, life goes to showing other, laziness etc.


Problems related with ear and bad habits are the consequences of weak Saturn and the person have weak Saturn make enemies everywhere and they get no support from family.


Those who are having weak Rahu, face the problem related to urine system.


Nail problems, skin issues and child issues are the problems which get generated due to the weak Ketu

Hence these are the diseases which are controlled by specific planet.