Connection Between Gemstone and Dreams

It is one of the interesting topics for which lots of people do search over the search engine. Here we will put some light over the concept of interconnection between our dreams and gemstone. While sleeping, we all see something which happens and we cannot control the same. Sometimes our past gets related and sometimes unexpected things get visualized which we cannot even understand.

People of old era relate the dreams with practical life. Lots of time we just think something and that gets enacted in the dream which has no sense in the real life. Now let us try to get some relation between the gemstone and dreams.

Reflection of Gemstone in dreams:

Yellow Sapphire:

If you see Yellow sapphire in your dream then you are a blessed in individual and blessings of almighty will always be with you. As we all know, Yellow Sapphire is related to Jupiter which belongs to wealth, prosperity etc. Hence seeing yellow sapphire in dream will lead you towards these things.

Blue Sapphire:

By seeing a blue sapphire in the dream, you will have a path of success. Saturn is related to this gemstone and hence presence of it in the dream will allow you to come out from all your worries, tensions and confusion.


The gemstone is also called as ‘Panna’ and seeing it in the dream brings good luck and happy time for the individual. Lots of opportunities will get opened for you and lucky time begins.

Hence by seeing gemstones in the dream you assure a lucky time for yourself. If any unmarried girl sees a gemstone in the dream then she may get married very soon. It has huge significance as per the concept of Vedic astrology. We will keep on sharing the new concepts and aspects so that you could be more aware of the same. Please post your queries because doubts are the dangerous things. Stay tuned to know more.