Bad Effect Of Combust planets

As per the concept of Vedic Astrology there is existence of 12 Zodiac signs and 27 constellations. We all are pretty aware of the same and these are divided into 4 quarters also called as ‘Padas’. The nine planets around which our life revolves are Sun, Moon, Venus, Mecury, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and ketu. All are having their own significances and by doing the analysis of the birth chart of an individual we come to know more about the impact of these planets at our life.

In a conjunction of planets, we observe that in addition to the above points, there are two more important factors namely COMBUSTION and RETROGRESSION which needs to be checked and analyzed.

What is Combustion?

Combustion is also called a Asta in the hindi language and plays an important role in the analysis of horoscope. As combustion is related to fire or hotness and all planets gets into the stage of combustion by being in the certain range of Sun and that period has some impact at one’s life.

Below mentioned are the limits of combustion of a specific planet. The data is calculated by following the Hindu astrology. If you are looking to know about the degree of combustion of any specific planet then check out the below details

  • Moon within 12 degrees of Sun.

  • Mars within 17 degrees of Sun.

  • 14 degree of Sun is for Mercury

  • 11 degree of Sun is the range for Sun.

  • 10 degree of Sun and 8 degree when retrograde is the range of Venus

  • Saturn within 15 degrees of Sun.

The bad effects of Combustion

The rashi gets affected during tenure of Combustion and the native feels the problems of

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bad Health

  • Property Loss

  • Family issues

Hence one should properly deal the period of time because it is life and runs through various phases in which we have to face everything. If needed consult with some best astrologer who can guide you in best way. Also, our team is available for quick service. Get in touch if you need to know more about the same.